Hi! I'm Lesley...and this is my family. 

We live in Santa Barbara, California, a little coastal town just north of Los Angeles. Should you think we always look so put together, let me assure you, the above photo took a lot of bribing. Normally you'll find me in shorts and Rainbow sandals, with spit-up on my sleeve. (We've added another little boy to our brood since that photo was taken!)

While I spend a lot of time chasing and cleaning up after three little ones, a few days a week I work as a freelance writer and editor. (You can learn more about my services here.) I’m a member of the Redbud Writer's Guild, and a regular contributor and podcast host for Coffee + Crumbs. I’ve also been published at Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog, (In), Hello Dearest, and various other places around the web. During nap times and evenings I’m trying to write my first book, a memoir about Jonathan’s cancer journey. (He’s now in remission!) Once upon a time, I signed with a literary agent and then we never found a publisher so I’m back to figuring out when and how I should publish.

My blog is where I share musings about motherhood, marriage, faith, friendship, and whatever else suits my fancy. I started blogging in 2006 while we were living in Sacramento. Picture me: 24 years old, newly married, freshly back from a three month missions trip to China, and 100% confused about what I should do for a career. So I took a community college writing course and rediscovered my childhood love for the written word, which eventually led to this blog and the beginning of my writing career. (You can read about all the ups and downs of our last 8 years in the archives, including our dating storyAnna’s birthmy career ups and downsour kitchen remodelJonathan’s cancer diagnosisOwen’s birthour travelsour big move, and my thoughts on motherhood, amongst other things. Luke's birth story is here.)

When I’m not writing, you can find me at the beach, spending time with my family, hanging out with girlfriends, running, cooking, or reading.

For those of you visiting my blog for the first time, thank you! I’m really happy you’re here, and I hope you stick around awhile. It is my deepest hope that you’ll always feel like I give you a full picture of my life—the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. I am an imperfect person who relies on Jesus Christ to get me through each day with the grace I desperately need.

Thank you for being my audience, and for allowing me a place to be me. Please feel free to e-mail me via the contact page. 

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Let's work together!

(Lesley’s) hard work, creativity and upbeat personality not only helped the company to accomplish its goals and beyond, but also made the work environment a better place. I would love the opportunity to work with Lesley again.
— Jennifer Anter, Pier 1

Are you looking for a freelance copywriter, editor or PR/social media consultant? You've come to the right place.

I've had a pen in my hand since I was a kid, which may not mean much to you but says a whole lot about me. I grew up and did what I said I was going to do (write!) and it's a career I love alongside being a mom and a wife. 

These days I'm still a woman of my word. When you hire me, you're not just getting a copywriter but a trusted artist who gets the job done to perfection. I don't miss deadlines. I don't say one thing but mean another. I don't turn in so-so work. I give my clients only the best. Always on time, always on budget. Be sure to check out my resume on LinkedIn detailing my ten years of experience as an editor, blog writer, and public relations director.

While I've worked in a wide variety of industries—from tech to real estate, food products and nonprofits—I believe the best writers first need to be an expert in one area: people.

As a writer, my most important job is to know your audience, and then help them realize how your product or service is going to change their life for the better. 

I hope you'll consider me for your next project. Hop over to my services page to learn about how we can work together.