Would you rent clothing? I did!

I tried something new in October. It's called LE TOTE, and it's a clothing rental company that works similarly to Stitch Fix. A friend recommended the site, and gave me a promo code so the first box was only $25. I figured, for $25, why not?

Here's how LE TOTE works:

  1. Create a quick account (and if you use my promo code, you'll get your first box for $25 too.)
  2. Browse LE TOTE's clothing collections, and favorite at least 40 items. (This part is not hard! Their clothes are really cute—everything from trendy ponchos to jeans, handbags to necklaces, blouses to dresses.) When you like an item, you're not committing to renting it, you're simply letting your stylist know that it MIGHT be something you'd enjoy trying.
  3. Soon—within 24 hours—you'll get an email with five items you'll be receiving. If there's anything in the box you don't like, you can swap before the box ships. In my first box, LE TOTE didn't have some of the items I really liked so they threw in an extra item for free. You'll receive three clothing pieces and two accessories in each box.
  4. Once you get the box, keep it for an entire month or send it back after a few days and get another shipment. (Unlimited shipping is included in your monthly fee and they give you a bag for easy returns.) You can receive as many boxes as you want within the month, all for one set charge. I didn't understand this at first so I kept my items the full 30 days, but I could have probably swapped at least two more times, trying up to 15 items! If you love an item, you can purchase it for half off the retail price.

In my first box, I received three items that I requested, and two I did not. (See above.) They gave me the red shirt as a freebie item since some of my favorite items weren't available. I didn't love the red shirt and never wore it, but I appreciated the sentiment of a free tiem. In fact, I had some problems putting my box on hold in November and their customer service was always fast to respond.

Once the month is up, you have to decide if you like the service or not. If you don't—call and cancel—but if you do, you'll keep receiving boxes each month with items from your virtual closet. You can put your membership on hold here and there if you don't want a box every month.

I think LE TOTE is super fun, especially for people like me who tend to buy basics. For instance, I loved the sweater poncho in my box (aka: the sweater blanket—it was so long and cozy!) but I probably wouldn't buy an item like this because it's bold and can't be worn much in warm Santa Barbara. I took it to Colorado for my girls' weekend and enjoyed having something "new" to wear in colder weather.

LE TOTE is especially great for months you're traveling. Whenever I travel I usually want a few new pieces to take with me but I can't usually justify the expense of buying five new items.

And, another great excuse for a LE TOTE subscription is pregnancy. The service has an entire maternity division! Can you imagine how fun it would be to receive "new" clothes throughout your pregnancy, especially in those final months when you're tired of the four shirts and two pairs of pants you keep rotating through?

I'd love to hear from you! Would you try something like this service? Let me know if you do! At $25 for your first box, it's certainly a fun way to mix up your holiday wardrobe.