Strawberry fields and the secrets of spring


Originally published March 21, 2012

I want to let you in on a secret, baby girl. One of the very best times of the year is happening right now.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice it too.

Everything is still dead, but when I open up the bathroom window the chill morning air has a hint of warm hope.

The calla lilies are starting to sprout in the backyard pots, and the weeds are such a pretty yellow that I don’t yet want to pull them to make room for tomatoes.

You don’t know yet, but the backyard tree will hold a swing this summer. Underneath that swing will be a little plastic pool where you will dip your chubby feet and splash in the dry heat.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Getting ahead of myself is what I love most about spring though. That’s another secret, you see. Spring is still rocky somedays. Still rainy somedays. Still unpredictable some days. But, it hints at another season that is consistently hot and always sunny. There are long blue sky days ahead. Spring is about dreaming and remembering and anticipating. Those days are coming, and you’re going to love running through them barefoot in tiny rompers.

Daddy will start mowing the lawn again. We’ll take late afternoon walks to the drive-in, buy shakes, and then walk to the park and watch strangers play softball.

We will put away the big red blanket, or maybe we’ll just take it outside on the grass for a place to lay our heads and watch the clouds roll past.

I think we should eat fresh strawberries on that blanket. You’ll like them, I promise.

I want to let you in on one last secret, baby girl. Don’t let anyone tell you that life can just be a bunch of springs and summers strung together. Because spring wouldn’t be sweet without the clouds of winter.