Pushing through

photo credit to  Jen Yau

photo credit to Jen Yau

Summer isn't officially over, but our kids go back to preschool on Tuesday so the routine of the school year is beckoning. We had a summer full of travel, moving and visitors—so fun—but I think we're all ready for things to settle down so we can enjoy our new home and do things together as a family again.

This past weekend was full of play and rest. We loved every moment.


Friday afternoon I got a haircut and then met up with Jill. We grabbed an appetizer downtown and chatted about minivans, kid tantrums and what we learned (and still are learning) as female professionals. Then I headed to The Honor Bar in Montecito for dinner with Corinne, the Annas, Meg and Josephine. We are all in full agreement that Donald Trump must go, and we swapped silly stories between debating Botox and the age of our male waiter. The kale salad? Highly recommend. 


On Saturday we got donuts as a family before heading to Santa Claus Lane for a beach day with friends. Our kids are now at an age where beach days can sometimes last more than an hour, with minimal crying, depending on the day. The older crew—Anna, James, Madison and Daxon—enjoy digging holes and chasing each other in the waves while their siblings—Owen, Fletcher, Lexi and Ace—attempt to keep up. The adults all got in the water too (it was so warm!) but not without much drama from me, because I didn't like the shark sightings a day before. The beach was SO crowded, which I loved, because it reminded me of summers in Newport. When it's 86 and sunny at the beach, everyone is so, so happy.

photo credit to  Jen Yau

photo credit to Jen Yau

photo credit to  Jen Yau

photo credit to Jen Yau

We spent Saturday night at the Santa Barbara Mission, saying goodbye to some sweet friends who are moving. It was still so very hot, and the kids decided that water fights were a perfect solution. I agree.

On Sunday we attended church! Like, we sat in the sanctuary and listened during the whole service. This deserves an exclamation point because we love church but don't get to attend as much as we'd like to. (Between vacations, a virus or two, visitors and volunteering in Sunday school we listened to a service may three times this entire summer. Ouch.)


After church we went to our neighborhood pool, which is turning into a somewhat regular occurrence on weekends (and weeknights too!) Anna loves swimming but Owen cries the whole time. Can't make everyone happy, right?

Then...you guys...I sat in the backyard for an hour on Sunday afternoon and read For the Love. It was BLISS. And the book is really good and a fast read. 

Jonathan has spent the last six weeks trying to get our bikes set up so that we could go for a family ride. We're borrowing a trailer bike for Anna which was SUPER complicated to install and involved selling a bike, buying a new one, and making several visits to Bicycle Bob's. Jonathan has so much patience and drive with this kind of thing, and I'm grateful because our family bike ride to the Bluffs and Blenders might be my favorite memory of summer. One of the best things about our new neighborhood is how close we are to the beach, and how safely we can ride there. 


There's something very special about finding activities we can do as a family that everyone enjoys. Since our kids are still little, outings often feel like more work than play but this weekend we truly enjoyed our time together. Raising little kids isn't easy, and when they're babies it's hard to imagine anything beyond bottles and blowouts. I love seeing our kids grow up, and enjoying them in new ways. This weekend was good for my mama heart. 

Did you do anything fun last weekend? What are your Labor Day plans?