New season, new space

Welcome to the new blog of Lesley Sebek Miller

You made it! You're here! Hello faithful Barefooton45th readers, and thank you for following the breadcrumbs to my new site. Do you like what you see?

After many, many years on Wordpress, my blog was in desperate need of a makeover but I didn't know enough coding to make the changes myself. This realization, combined with a desire to start fresh and stay motivated, led me to SquareSpace. The blog change is coming at a great time for me professionally because I also launched a new website for my copywriting and freelance services. While I've been freelancing for a long time, I've been taking the craft a little more seriously these days which means I need a professional presence for anyone looking to hire me. (Hi! Hire me! Go check out my services page.)

I hope you believe me when I say that not much is changing as far as my writing themes go, but I do hope this space feels cleaner, tidier, and less chaotic. And, just to give myself some grace, I will admit I'm not completely done with the updates.  I will likely continue to fiddle around with the site for a little while and you may notice some changes here or there in the upcoming months. 

If you read my blog through an RSS feed or blog reader, please make sure to update your feeds. If you subscribe by e-mail, I've already updated your contact information so you don't need to anything. If you'd like to begin subscribing by e-mail (good choice!) scroll to the top of this page and look for the signup form in the upper right corner. 

xoxo and thank you!